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                                                                                                                                             Auto Mist Systems

The Auto Mist system, available in 30 gallon or 55 gallon sizes, is an automatic insect control system that has proven to be a vital option for horse or livestock facilities, it is also very popular for outdoor recreational areas such as pools, patios, and backyards. Kennel owners will also want to consider this effective method of pest control.

AutoMist with its very high control rate is effective and completely automatic. AutoMist gives a synchronized spray that evenly distributes coverage of insecticide over an entire area during the duration of each timed spray.

AutoMist systems can be installed conveniently at the time of new construction, when additions are added, or in already existing areas to effectively reduce insect populations. The AutoMist system can easily be expanded to accommodate growth.


Available with the standard analog timer, the times that you choose and set for spray cycles will offer automatic control of insects with little, if any, additional programming.  The widely varied combination of cycle times and cycle durations available allows for easy hands off control of nuisance pests.  These analog timers are usually used in horse and livestock housing although their great versatility makes them suitable for all applications.


Residential backyard installations, as well as any other application, can take advantage of the digital timer with wireless remote control. These timers allow for increased flexibility of spray cycles beyond those that the user programs in the timer.

With the remote control you have the ability to add in an extra spray, skip a spray or stop a spray cycle that has already begun all without disturbing the regular programming.  These features are particularly useful in situations where insect populations are changing due to weather conditions such as increased rainfall, hot, humid conditions etc.



For extra protection from water impurities we are also offering an optional in line filter with removable filter element to help keep nozzles clean. Element should be cleaned every few months to help keep lines and nozzles clean and operating properly.      


Cost Estimates:

It would aid us in designing a system layout for you if you will fax or e-mail a sketch of your barn or residence.

In the case of a barn please show location of stalls, the intended location of the system tank and any other areas where spray nozzles are desired
 such a center aisles, wash stalls and exterior overhangs.

In the case of a residential backyard installation please make a simple sketch of the area to be protected . Please see drawing to the right as an example of what we will need.

 Be sure to include all important dimensions that will help us to calculate the amount of tubing and nozzles required.  Please show all structures such as house, walls, fences, overhangs, railings, decks, patios, pools and storage sheds. Please also indicate any areas where there may be trees and shrubs that would interfere with the spray from the nozzles.  Nozzles should be located so that they do not spray directly on plantings.
 Finally, indicate where you will plan on locating the system tank.






Why use an automatic fly spray system?

Insects become active as soon as the weather warms in the spring. This means that as the temperature increases, they start reproducing. One typical female adult fly lays from 250 to 1250 eggs in a two to five week period. From the time the egg is laid to the formation of an adult is 9 to 43 days, depending on temperature and moisture conditions. Multiply this by the number of flies in a typical barn on a hot day and the resulting population is the cause of most fly problems.

The Automist system answers the problem of ineffective, labor intensive insect control. Being an automatic system, the Automist sprays any facility on a regular preset schedule. The Automist system treats the facility with insecticide spray in about 1 minute or less, several times a day thereby not allowing flies to escape, as they do with other methods. Using this technology, plus effective, safe, water based insecticide, Automist controls insects by killing a larger number each time it sprays, thus breaking the insects breeding cycle.

Both of these systems carry a full one year warranty from the date of purchase.  This warranty covers the repair or replacement of any part found defective during normal use within the 12 month period.  This warranty does not cover shipping and handling charges.

As with any method of insect control, when used in an animal setting, the Automist system should be used in conjunction with good manure management, moisture control and general farm sanitation.



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