News, Notes and Product Information to help keep your fly and mosquito misting system in top working order.

Nozzle Tip Cleaning

Nozzle tips can often be successfully cleaned with Lime Away or CLR once removed from the nozzle body and disassembled. Give the parts a good soak for about 24 hours in a chemical proof dish and then rinse, blow out and reassemble. See system maintenance tips on "System Info" page for more.

Intake Filters and Nozzle Tips

Intake line suction filters and new nozzle tips are an economical and effective way to keep your fly system in peak operating condition. Suction filters should be replaced annually and nozzle tips cleaned or replaced as you notice the mist pattern diminishing.

When winterizing in the fall, prior to shutdown for the winter, it is a great time to clean out the system tank and replace the suction filter so the system is ready to go in the spring. After the tank is empty just hose out any residue remaining in the bottom. If any mold or bacterial growth is present on the side of the tank you can use a dish washing detergent such as Dawn or a mild solution of bleach and water to clean and sanitize the reservoir.
For those in warmer parts of the country where freezing is unlikely, winterizing is still important prior to shutdown in order to help prevent nozzle clogging during the off season.

Freeze damage to Pump and Nozzles

Unexpected cold weather may have caused damage to nozzle tips and pumps on un-winterized fly systems. Before restarting the fly system be sure that none of the nozzle tips and adapters have popped off of the tee or elbows. Also check to be sure that the system is operating at the recommended 170 to 180 psi range. Freezing temperatures can cause damage to the pump seals which would make the unit run at reduced or no pressure. If you are having trouble with your fly system just give us a call and we will help trouble shoot the problem.

Spring Tune Up

Give your fly system a spring tune up by cleaning old residue out of the tank, replacing the intake line filter, cleaning or replacing nozzle tips and filling up with a fresh fill of insecticide. These steps will keep your fly system in peak operating condition to get a jump on flies, mosquitoes and other nuisance insects in the coming season.

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