Wound and Skin Care for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Pet Silver® Wound Care for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Pet Silver is a NEW patented 50 ppm "Chelated Silver" ion veterinary wound care product that can be used on cuts, burns, rain rot, thrush, abrasions, open wounds, bacterial infections, skin rashes or dermatitis.    PetSilver® is 100% natural and non-toxic.   The presence of silver near a virus, fungus, bacteria or other single pathogens disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme and within 4-6 minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which also destroy beneficial enzymes, PetSilver® leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact.   Chelated silver has proven to be a remedy and prevention to many infections and the fermentation of various bacteria.     Best of all it goes on clear and dries clear—No more “chrome bumper” look as with aluminum sprays!  Available in 4 oz. pump srpay for $17.99 each, 8 oz. pump spray for $19.99 each or 16 oz. trigger spray for  $26.75 each.



In horses Pet Silver products effectivelely treat and promote rapid healing of Scrapes, Wounds, Rain Rot and Thrush in horses hooves as well as bacterial and fungal Infections. 

In dogs Pet Silver promotes rapid healing of hot spots and red itchy sores, cuts, scratches, mange, ringworm and a variety of skin allergies. It is used for a variety of skin problems such as burns, infections, insect bites, flea and tick bites. It's proven antimicrobial properties act as an anti fungal and anti bacterial spray to quickly relieve pain and inflammation. 

Safe to use, Odorless, Non Toxic and All natural chelated Silver spray.

Pet Silver® Shampoo for Horses, Dogs and Cats

PetSilver Medicated Shampoo with Chelated Silver and Stannous Fluoride is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo. Pet Silver brand silver shampoo may be used in treatment of superficial dermatitis and fungal or bacterial skin infections. For added benefit use in conjunction with Pet Silver Antimicrobial spray.  All natural—No chemicals— Odorless - Safe and easy to use.  

8 oz. bottle—$19.95 each